søndag den 29. marts 2009

Next purchase.

I want these shoes so bad. But I can't make my mind about the colour. Black or nude?

shoes from asos.com, 90£.

torsdag den 19. marts 2009


Love the studded shirt from Givenchy 06. (as far as I remember?)

Gossip Girl + Terry Rihardson

Like many other I am obsessed with Gossip Girl - and Terry Richardson is the coolest photographer. I love his provocative way of photographing and he just looks really tough and cool. Thought I would share the pictures.

American Spirit.

My inspiration - American Spirit.

- Vanilla Ice, can't remember whick magazine the pictures are from, and my friend's cat.

mandag den 16. marts 2009


So many things are happening this summer and i can't wait!! First of all I'm graduating from school, the sun is going to shine, vacation with my boyfriend in Portugal, new work, barbeque nights, the sea. This is why my search for the bikini have started. I kind of like this one, it reminds me of some of the LSpace-swimwear, which I still would like to own.

Portugal, LSpace.com bikini, Asos.com bikini.


Everybody at school have already found their dresses for the Springdance at my school. I just don't know where to find the perfect dress. I have some random inspiration, but that's really it.

Random pictures from inspirationmap, Mary-Kate a couple years ago, http://Nastygal.com, http://Style.com.

torsdag den 12. marts 2009

Sexy Lips

- Can't remember where the pictures are from. I just found them in my inspirationmap.
I think my next beauty purchase should be some kind of pink lipstick like in the 3rd picture. It could easily look hoochie, but with a casual outfit I think it would be cool.

Back from London.

(Sunset on Oxford x2, Camden Market, me chilling in the dorm, american burger, dancing in Tottenham, jewellry, graffiti in Notting Hill, Piccadelly Circus and Yo!Sushi.)

I returned from London this Sunday and it was FABULOUS! Topshop was the bomb and I''m just in love with London. I'm expecting to return this summer with my friend to see Michael Jackson, and do some seriously shopping.

high-fashion lollipops


This is the shit. Look at these lollipops.